Organizing with Heart and Soul

Welcome! Letting Go With Lettie is an organizing service that goes a step beyond just the nuts and bolts of designing closets, building shelves and clearing clutter. When you chose to work with me, there is also an opportunity to really get to the heart of the matter. Sometimes spaces get cluttered because an illness, injury, job loss or the passing of a loved one required your full attention and your space suffered as a result. Or maybe you’re downsizing, upsizing or packing to move away and need a hand with sorting, purging, and preparing for a brand new living situation. There are also times when you are combining households and can’t seem to find the right combination of yours/mine/ours and need a neutral party to help you navigate that delicate situation. These are but a few examples of why it’s beneficial to have someone on the scene who is grounded, experienced and savvy in matters that require a soft touch and a listening ear. Someone well versed in matters of the heart and soul when it comes to your living space. I will stand with you as you let go.

Peace and blessings,
Lettie Sullivan

Ready to Make the Change?

“There is organizing and then there’s Organizing. Organizing with Lettie is a spiritual experience that goes beyond the physical stuff. I had worked with other organizers that were ineffective. Lettie was able to tap into something that allowed my physical space to be organized beautifully, my emotions to be processed and my spirit uplifted. Thank you Lettie!”


~B. Gordon Elmhurst, IL